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Click here to read and sign the BJC Minyan Attendance Agreement using our online form.

BJC Reopening Guidelines

1. Attendance will be on a pre-registration basis.  To register, please contact us.
2. Twenty-five people maximum.
3. Men and women above the age of Bar/Bat Mitzvah are permitted to attend. Persons aged 65 and above and/or with pre-existing medical conditions are strongly discouraged to attend at the present time. While we will do our utmost to ensure the safest environment possible, everyone attends at their own risk.
4. Social distancing seating in designated locations only (which are positioned 8 – 10 ft apart) – no congregating during shul or during entry/exit. Family units are permitted to sit together.
5. Masks are required.  Masks must be form-fitting and cover the entire mouth and nose.
6. Guests will not be permitted
7. The shul will be disinfected daily.
8. Participants must bring their own siddur/chumash
9. The Baal Koreh will receive all the aliyos or they will be taken from each person’s seat
10. Parts of the services may be omitted to shorten exposure time
11. Please refrain from kissing the Mezuzah, the Sifrei Torah, or other items
12. Participants are encouraged to attend minyanim exclusively at BJC. If you need to attend a minyan at another shul, it must also comply with these guidelines.
13. At the conclusion of davening and putting your things back in your locker etc., please exit the shul as soon as possible
14. Participants must sign the Minyan Registration Agreement form before attending, including waiver of rights to privacy.  Click here to view/print the agreement
15. Anyone experiencing symptoms of COVID or any other illness, or feels feverish cannot attend
We will begin with Mincha/Maariv then progress to weekday, then Shabbat, Shacharit. All the above protocols will be enforced; anyone that cannot comply will not be permitted to attend. The above rules are subject to change and we may have to temporarily discontinue minyanim again in case there is a local spike or any congregants become ill.

As of September 8, 2020, the BJC Challah program has concluded.  For more information, please send us an email.  Outstanding payments can be made via Paypal.